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    Motor Home Living Full Time

    This should be a nice place to start this post. I hope we get some intersting comments. I live and have lived for over 20 years + full time in a Motor Home. I am CCW in over 38 states. ?????? yeh sure depends on the law again. :no: I was informed by a retired Chief of Police that there is...
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    Utah Permit Received

    Ccw [SIZE="5"]I agree if you are a resident you do not need a Utah permit. I travel 6-7 monthsw out of the year and my resident state does not cover a few states I go into that utah as a non-resident permit holder will honor. I do not need another ccw permit to just say I have one...
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    Utah Permit Received

    Hello to all. Carry Glock 19 nice weapon. AZ resident CCW. Travel 6 months most states. Just did CCW Utah and noticed little line about non resident CCW . Trying to find a link that I do not have to got through state by state to see what ones will honor a non resident CCW of Utah. Have a nice...