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    Anyone in the Tacoma/Pierce county Area?

    I would like to get together with like minded individuals for mutual support, the free exchange of ideas, tactics, procedures, gear, BS, and whatnot. Basicly what I am looking for is an informal group of concealed Pistol License holders that get together locally to support each other morally and...
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    Anyone in the Tacoma area?

    Maybe we can get a 2nd amendment group going or something. Would be nice to talk to someone who shares my basic ideas. I am real easy, coffee and politics suit me fine. Come on people! Socialize...
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    Anyone in the Tacoma area?

    delete me delete me
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    Hello, New member

    Hi all, New member to the forums, as well as a brand spanking new permit holder (got it in the mail today). I am glad I was able to find this resource as it still feels 'funny' carrying concealed. I hope you guys don't mind getting your brains picked :)