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    How Do You Feel About Notifying LEO That You're Carrying

    The Ohio incident really got me to thinking about whether or not it is reasonable (or necessary) to inform LEOs that I've got a weapon. I know in some states it's required, and in others, no such notification is required. I realize we've got the constitutional right to bear arms, and the...
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    No more Alcohol for me

    The threat of facing armed drunks seemed to deter looters in at least one Houston neighborhood after Hurricane Katrina's displaced thugs moved in from New Orleans Link Removed
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    Utah restricts CCW permits

    I believe - and will find out more tomorrow - that lines 11 through 18 are very confusingly trying to say that an applicant has to have a concealed permit if they're from a state that has reciprocity or recognizes the Utah permit. Otherwise, there's a contradiction between that and what's in...
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    Utah restricts CCW permits

    From the Putnam County (NY) Shooters Webside Utah SB 36 Source: Link Removed About Utah Senate Bill 36 The following information has been confirmed with the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification In case you haven't heard, there's a bill that has passed the Utah legislature that's about to...
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    Ruger LCP Has No Safety....

    ....except of course KEEPING YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER! What do you all think about keeping a bullet chambered while an LCP is in a pocket holster? My thinking is that since it's so small, it may be more difficult to unholster and keep your finger(s) away from the trigger while doing it...