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    Eezox vs. FrogLube?

    These seem to be two brandnames that many swear by as superior products. I am wondering if anyone has done a comparison between the two as regards corrosion protection for daily carry sidearms, cleaning, lubrication, etc.
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    Crawdaddy's Restaurant

    Just got back from a trip to Gatlinburg TN. Crawdaddy's restaurant on Main St had a prominent no-carry sign. My party of nine joined me across the street at Bubba Gump's to enjoy our lunch there instead :smile:
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    Kimber Ultra Recoil Spring Removal?

    Kimber Ultra CDP II.... simple question: how do I remove the inner recoil spring?
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    Question to those who have been in a firefight with an alternate weapon

    I have a concern about my instinctive response with my concealed carry weapon should I ever have to use it. I have been in instantaneous life-threatening situations on a motorcycle before and fully subscribe to the axiom that when the SHTF and there is no time to think, we revert to our training...
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    Crossbreed QwikClip Holster: looking for reviews

    Who has experience with Crossbreed's QwikClip holster? I'm considering purchasing one and am looking for first-hand experience input from those who have used one - especially if worn appendix or crossdraw. Thanks!
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    When can chambered round lead to A-D ?

    I've got one of these and it works great. It takes care of the round-in-chamber Glock issue for those who are uncomfortable with it. Link Removed
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    +1 mag extension legal in 10 rnd mag?

    Hello, it's been awhile since I've been active in shooting but now I'm catching up on the laws again. When the high capacity laws started (1994 or so?) I think I recall being told that +1 or +2 mag extensions could be placed on preban mags (for example, making a 15 into a 17) but that if I had a...