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    New to USA Carry

    Welcome all newbies! I advise you check out Open Carry.Org (OCDO) for much more info, as well as less biased info. Great site! Link Removed
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    FYI Don't Buy Tannerite in Bulk if You Don't Want the ATF Knocking on Your Door

    Every weekend a bunch of my friends get together for some shooting fun out in Rowan County. Somebody usually brings a few pounds of tannerite with them, but its actual "Tannerite" packages in 1lb cans. Well that crap is is ~$10 a lbs.... can get expensive. So being the little genious that I am I...
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    Carry laws for suppressors?

    Well I'm getting more back from taxes than I thought so I'm getting myself a suppressor, not sure about anything more than that. ie, type caliber pistol/rifle stuff like that. I'm wondering about the laws (if there any) about carrying/transporting weapons with the suppressor attached. Now...
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    North Carolina Open Carry

    I saw this on the Open website. This is the best breakdown I've ever seen. I've read in the past that many people in this state think the laws about OC are very vague and can be twisted by cops. They always seem to use GATTTOTP as their reasoning as to why OCing is a bad idea legally...
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    Purchase Permit for gun on Loan.

    Im not a certified CCW instructor, but I was a firearms instructor in the military. I have taught many civilians in the area and several of the local ranges know me personally. If your daughter (or you) feels she needs more experience with firearms I'd be willing to help her free of charge of...
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    Got kicked out of the mall for open carry

    I was shopping at North Lake mall this afternoon openly carrying my .45 in a serpa holster. I've done it before several times. there are no stickers on the doors and their plaque with the rules and guidelines say nothing about weapons, firearms, or anything of the sort. a mall security guy...
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    Joseph Sean McVey: Any news about his charges???

    I'm sure everybody remembers the "gunman" found at the Asheville airport wanting to get a glimpse of the Pres from a parking lot nowhere near the flight line? He was charged with going armed to the terror of the public tho he was legally carrying an gun in an open carry holster. he was held at...