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    Apparently the second amendment also applies to 57 year-old men in thongs.

    No, It Is Not A Crime For A 57-Year-Old Guy To Carry A Rifle While Only Wearing Light Blue Thong Underwear | The Smoking Gun
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    Those who can't do, teach

    Geez Link Removed Not withstanding the dummy gun vs. real gun issue, what's he teaching them if drawing his weapon causes an accidental discharge?
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    Stop helping me...

    Witness who fired on carjackers sought after northwest Houston attack |
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    So what do people think about vaginal carry?

    Texas Woman Arrested With Loaded Handgun In Vagina
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    Thinking of getting a carry permit

    You appear to have a great range nearby Other ranges are listed here: Link Removed Some may rent guns (the page also shows links to other range information sources).