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    My wife is heading there tomorrow with my daughter to do the tourist thing. I seem to recall that there may be some issues as to where you can carry. They will be going to the slave market and one of the restaurants.
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    leading or pitting?

    Hi I have a S&W 442 with about 300 rounds through it, mostly SWC and wadcutters, some 135gr speer JHP. I acquired a bore light a few days ago and discovered what looks like pitting near the muzzle. what do I need to fix it? Or should I even worry about it?
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    Traveling through Georgia

    Hi I'll be traveling from SC to Fl next weekend. I don't have a permit thats good in Ga. Do I need to lock the gun in the back of the jeep or can I just put it in the glove compartment? Thanks Joe
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    SC car carry

    I have a concealed carry permit. But I am unsure of how to carry in the car. It seems like anywhere on my person is hard to get too, as is in the glove box and center console. But there is a perfect spot between the stick shift and the 4WD lever. Is it legal to keep the gun there? Or in one of...
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    State Forest

    Does anyone know if its legal to concealed carry at Harbison State Forest? Joe
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    South Carolina Resident Eligible for New Hampshire Concealed Carry Permit?

    I am a SC resident. Can I get a NH non-resident permit