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    PPITH Lesson 3

    Ok, I know some of you are, but not ALL of you are Lawyers or LEO's. That being the case, when you teach a PPITH class, what are you guys doing about Lesson III "Firearms and the Law"? I'm having difficulty finding a LEO or Lawyer who would be willing to be a "Guest Speaker" for that section...
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    Rape at USF

    Both my son's came home from USF tonight telling me about email they've received from the USF police. There's another rapist on the loose at the campus! WHEN will our children be allowed to protect themselves? It's a predator's playground! Campus carry needs to be a PRIORITY!
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    Home made knife. Pretty neat

    I've made a few railroad knives, but prefer to make knives out of a better steel such as O-1. This is one of my recent knives someone commissioned for a fathers day gift. Link RemovedLink Removed
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    Future Leo Encounter - seeking advice...

    When I'm driving in my SUV or other modern car, I know in Florida if they don't ask, I'm not telling. But when I'm driving in my 65 Convertable Mustang w/ the top down, if I get pulled over, there is no way in God's green Earth that I'm going to be able to retrieve my wallet without first...
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    Question...would you inform or not (not the typical situation presented here)

    Ok, it finally happened... A few days ago I bumped into the car in front of me. The owner of that vehicle and myself exited our cars to quickly assess the damage. Very Minor ding on her bumper... then per Florida law, we agreed to drive to the nearest parking lot. (in Fl, cars which are not...
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    Interesting/Confusing LEO encounter my son had

    Several weeks ago, my son had an interesting LEO encounter. He drives a 1966 Mustang and so garners a little bit of attention. This particular evening he was driving home from work and was pulled over by a local Sherrif Deputy. No big deal, apparently one of his tail lights had burned out...