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    Trayvon Martin died because of pot

    Still think GZ was in the wrong. Shouldn't have gotten out of his car after being told not to. Period. He was looking for trouble and found it. Its going to cause a lot of long lasting problems for the CC community. BUT I have lost any feeling for Martins family after this. (Notice it was last...
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    Can I posses a weapon

    Since you obviously can legally own a firearm with a MA license you may carry a handgun in your vehicle loaded in the glove compartment or console (don't stuff it under the seat )and transport it from your vehicle to a rented motel room loaded. Legal residence is no problem. I think you will...
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    Major problems with CWP renewals for everyone, better read

    Link Removed Section 23-31-215 describes how SLED is to issue permits. I would think that that section would have to be changed for them to contract it out. But with McMaster who knows.
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    End of an Era

    This 1350' tower was built in 1960. It was dropped just where they planned. Link Removed I hope the GPS system stays up now. I was a LORAN C transmitter tech for a few years. They will be missed.
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    Just Had To Have One

    Well I just had to do it. After not owning a rifle for 30 years or so I finally broke down and ordered a CMP M1 Special. New stock, new barrell and refinished everything else. It came last week, a friend and I took it to the range today. He had not shot one since 1955 and I last shot one in...
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    Lockable gun case for truck console

    Link Removed I have one in a 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500. Works great.