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  1. EdMaxx

    Optics Optics every where

    Link Removed Don't let the low price fool you. This is a rock solid piece of equipment. I have several hundred rounds through my AR-15 with this red dot installed and it has never shifted on me. The 5 MOA dot is a little larger than some of the higher end red dots (like the EoTechs), but it...
  2. EdMaxx

    Looking for CHEAP AR-15

    Buy yourself a stripped lower from BudsGunshop. Then get an Link Removed.
  3. EdMaxx

    How to conceal...

    +1 XD-45 Compact 4" in a Link Removed.
  4. EdMaxx

    Favorite Gun-saturated video games

    I will be getting CoD4 within the next couple of weeks. They actually recorded real weapon sounds with a sound crew. You can see a short video Link Removed. You may need to regsiter in order to view it, though.
  5. EdMaxx

    Did he do the right thing?

    I'd say he did fine, right up to the point where he blew the situational awareness. He should have been in condition Red until the BG was gone. It sounds like he went to condition Yellow too soon. Just my $.02. BTW, here's the link on that: Link Removed
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    You might try some of Link Removed.
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    Choices for president

    Link Removed
  8. EdMaxx

    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    Well judging from the looks of the Link Removed, I'd say the J-clips on the Link Removed are stationary, attached permanently by two rivets. The Link Removed has adjustable J-clips, attached via one screw and T-nut each.