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  1. BoomChick

    2 Dead In Shooting At University Of Central Arkansas

    And what are the pros going to do with it? :unsure: Hopefully something that will lead to protection for students. . . like concealed carry on campus. "We have to start looking at everything." -- something like that. . . How about another look at self-defense? How many more will have to...
  2. BoomChick

    .45acp vs 9mm

    Ah yes. Well I echo most people's sentiment to go with what you shoot well. However, I am totally biased for the .45 ACP. Some simple ballistics: Link Removed from: Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Then there's a whole other issue. . . Frangible rounds. . Look at this one: Link...
  3. BoomChick

    what do y'all think of the makarov?

    Cz-52 Well, short story: I really like it. I got mine for around a hundred bucks. If you get one that hasn't been worked on already you need to replace the firing pin and should go ahead and think about replacing the little roller cams inside. Let your neighborhood smithy check it out for...
  4. BoomChick

    Self Defense Northern India Style?

    What happens when you're an Indian farm girl without a firearm and a man attacks you from behind? View From The Porch: Free Legal Advice: Can't imagine what US police would think of this. . . . .
  5. BoomChick

    Something for the ladies, and the men who love them!
  6. BoomChick

    List Of Tennessee Gun Ranges

    Knoxville's Only Indoor Shooting Range is at Coal Creek Armory - 10737 Dutchtown Rd. - 865.966.4545 Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency John Sevier Hunter Education Center 2327 Rifle Range Rd. Knoxville, TN 37918 Range Office and General Info: (865)...
  7. BoomChick

    Did anyone else catch this?

    National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive You can notice in this document who is controlling whether or not our government is constitutional and it ain't the SCOTUS. It is also interesting to note exactly what the president is allowed to control according to this law...
  8. BoomChick

    New Orleans to settle lawsuit over police seizure of residents' guns following Katrin

    Well that's simply not true. The SCOTUS has ruled twice that it must be interpreted as an individual right on the basis that the language used for the 2ond is consistent with the other individual rights. They also ruled that the right need not be stated to be a right (it should be common...
  9. BoomChick

    Firearm recommendation for huntin' wa'bbits

    Anyone hunt rabbits? What do you recommend? Thanks!
  10. BoomChick

    Wal-mart no longer selling firearms or ammo?

    So, I went into a local Wal-mart yesterday looking for some silhouette targets. Silly me. They didn't have any! Is this normal for Wal-mart? I could have sworn that a few years ago they had these. Yes, it's been a long time since I was looking for these at a Wal-mart, but it seems...