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  1. robmcd

    List Of Massachusetts Gun Stores

    Link Removed is New Marlborough, MA (southern Berkshire County. A small, well stocked store, plus a complete service shop. Often has unusual and collectible firearms. Paladin is a division of West Engineering, a noted race car manufacturer and upfitter.
  2. robmcd

    No new Glocks in MA?

    As previously referenced, there are two steps to MA approval. The first is to get on the appropriate EOPS Approved Firearm Roster as legislated in MGL c.140 s. 123 and s.131, and further regulated by EOPS in Link Removed. The second step is for the manufacturer to certify compliance in writing...
  3. robmcd

    Free "MA Gun Law for Citizens" seminar in Lenox on May 4th

    Keep up to date on MA gun laws courtesy of GOAL and the Lenox Sportsmen's Club. Link Removed
  4. robmcd

    ankle holster - j frame

    By far the most comfortable is the Cozy Partner from Renegade Holster & Leather in Phoenix, AZ. They don't have a website, but here a link to a Link Removed. Renegade's tel. is 602-482-6777.
  5. robmcd

    No new Glocks in MA?

    I'm a long way from MA at present, without many resources, but I'll follow up upon my return. In the meantime, Link Removed to visit that topic on the GOAL website. There is much more info on their site, including links to MGL.
  6. robmcd

    Current non-res turnaround time

    Read the cover letter on the new Link Removed. You'll also note that MA no longer arbitrarily issues unrestricted licenses, and that you must make a personal appearance at the Firearms Records Bureau in Chelsea, MA. I believe you can inquire about out-of-state MA certified instructors from Mrs...
  7. robmcd

    Castle Doctrine in MA

    Link Removed Not the strongest language, and doesn't preclude civil suits, but still on the books
  8. robmcd

    Connecticut Open and Concealed Carry Laws and Information

    The state of CT used to publish a small booklet, but hasn't for some time. Your best bet is to use the law links, or check the online version of the ATF publication Link Removed. You can right click use "save as" to download the CT info. You can order a free copy of the Federal Firearms laws...