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    contact with LEO's

    I have read multi post on law abiding citizens carring and having contact with LEO's, and for what I have seen, there are more possitive responces from LEO's than negitive, I myself have had this same outcome, on more than one occation, I know there are state's that "you must inform", and...
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    What states allow OC?

    herre are your NLV city ordinance codes, ord. 596 $ 1 1978: prior code $7.22.070 also check prior code $7.22.040, this one where it says in order to legally carry in NLV, you must have a permit
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    Think about it: Concealed Carry is actually about fear

    Although, there are times, violence may be talked down, but the fact is it cant allways be, It almost seems like some thing the gun grabbers would put out, we can train to be aware of our surroundings, aware of (BG) intentions, but we cant see everything all the time, i have been a victim on...
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    Do you notify the front desk person at a hotel that you have a CCW Permit?

    Thats my question?, why would anyone mention this?, the only People that I would notify is LEO's, it law here in NV
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    finding a new home

    Hello to all here at, I am a member of uscca, witch i am not re-newing my subscription, Witch expires in Dec, It gone from a great place for like minded people to communicate and share knowledge about carring, but, It's gottin' to be more about the money for the forum owner, forcing...