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    applebees in kenosha has posted no guns allowed.

    I took my neice and her friend to a movie tonight they are both 15 and female. They wanted to go to applebees after the movie for dinner and my niece is my heart, never is any problem, good grades, nice and is a joy to everyone so I put my gun in my trunk. and took them in to eat. While I was...
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    Canton pd postpone The ohio cop's Hearing again. to Dec15.

    Well the canton police postpone officer Harless's hearing again. The charges were dropped on the CCW holder he arrested. Do you think the canton PD and the mayor are trying to sweep the incident under the rug and just let this cop back on the street later after some time go's by? They have done...
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    leo firsked me today!

    In Wisconsin Today on the way home from coaching my high school fencing team I stopped at a gas station to get a soda. A city squadcar was parked outside in front of the building. I went in and went to the soda cases and pulled the door open and bend down and picked out a dr pepper. stood up and...
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    Flash Mobs

    Now that we have CCw permits in Wisconsin. Do you think that will deter the flash mobs that we had last summer like at the fair? Or do you think that someone will have to get shot before it stops or do you think nothing will stop it. I hope the young people looking for excitment do not get...
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    wisconsin castle defence bill.

    The Wisconsin Castle defence bill is on the governor's desk. So I think that means that it along with all the other enrolled bills from the current session of the legs get presented to him on dec 8th. by 4pm. I guess that is day 1 or is dec 9th day 1. I think the Governor has only 6 day then to...
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    wisconsin permitt anyone get their permitt yet?

    post the first one to get thier Wisconsin permitt in the mail and what day you sent it in.
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    !911 kimber. full size guide rod change.

    Hi Guys. I am getting a Kimber custom CDP 2 full size pistol. I do not like the full size guide rod. I want the G.I. set up with a small guide rod,spring, and plug cap. So whats the best site to get the new items from wilson or someother site. I want the best. and it should just be a drop-in...
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    Concealed carry law now in effect in wisconsin. NOV1ST 2011.

    We now can carry a concealed weapon in Wisconsin( as soon as we get the ccw permitt back) But out of state permitt holders can carry now if they are from one of the states Wisconsin says they can. I think there are 25 of them. Now we need castle defence law passed and for bad guys to read the...
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    video taping LEO'S in wisconson.

    with the CCW law about to become active in nov or dec when we get the cards back. Is it legal to videotape you being stopped by a Leo? Do you have to tell them your taping this stop? Can he legaly tell you to stop? Can he take your camera. what can you do if he takes it? breaks it? arrestes you...
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    holster and gun disarm disarm.

    I saw a video on youtube of a holster with a gun in it pushed down and twisted and the guy took the holster and gun right off the guy's belt in 1 1/2 second. it was a over the waist band. please watch it and lets talk about this. I was blown away i am not getting that holster. its was a kydex ...
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    Gander Mtn WISCONSIN

    Gander Mtn in Kenosha WIS, posted open carry and concealed carry permit holders welcome. very nice people, all of them are very friendly. gun smiths on site too.
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    I saw a 223 pistol today at the gun store.

    I saw a 223,556 nato pistol today at the gun store. the shop guy said it was classed as a pistol. it was about 17 to 23 inchs long and from the pistol grip forward it looked like a rifle, no stock! you could put a sling on it and hang it under your coat. What do you think the cops would...
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    what do you carry beside your gun, ccw permitt , dl and ammo.-flashlight???

    What do you carry besides your gun. I use to just carry the 45 and mags and paperwork. now i have a flashlight and first aid kit and blanket, flares and a lot of stuff in my car. It just kept getting more and more stuff in there in this cardboard box. My Girl said if you have a big box it will...
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    Mob of young men beating and robbing wisconson fair goers in Milwaukee.

    Well here is why we need to carry guns a mob of young men beating and robbing people at the state fair grounds in Milwaukee. the police have no arrests. same kind of robbing downtown a few weeks ago. so chief what you going to do now. to protect people at the fair. cause now people will not go...
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    woman stripped search in ohio by stark co deputies,canton is in stark co

    Ok in Ohio the police in canton and stark co are scary. One Canto officer killed his pregnant girlfriend, a Canton police officer abused a ccw holder (on Tape-see youtube) male and female Stark co deputies strip search a woman and video tape it( see video on youtube) The stark co police get sued...
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    hang together or hang by your self

    A man alone is easy prey. band together and we are mighty. If the video on the ccw arrest in canton did not exist he would be doomed. if we do not yell that it's wrong nothing would be done. If we don't keep yelling it will be pushed under the rug. if you don't stand up for your rights you lose...
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    email to the mayor of Clanton Ohio about the abuse of the ccw permit holder

    Hi everyone. I sent a email to the mayor of Clanton about the abuse of the ccw permit holder by a Clanton Police officer. On his website he states he enforces all the laws of the city and is the top conservator of the peace in the city. So I asked him what is he going do? I hope some of you will...
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    Concealed carry bill-93 passed the wisconson legislative assembly today

    bill-93 passed it's up to the Governor now. Thankyou everyone who worked on this. It is a great day.:laugh:
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    Hey after I get a ccw permit could I carry a swordcane? I live in wisconson. I am a High School Fencing Coach. I would also carry a 1911. It would be very nice to carry a swordcane, light and fast to stop attacks that are not by a gun. I think that our new ccw bill will allow carring a knife...