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  1. Jeffrey1235

    Center Sight or 6-o'clock sight alignment?

    I'm just wondering what other people think. Which do you use center sight alignment to the target "bullseye" or 6 o'clock sight alignment? Is there a "correct" way or which ever works for you?
  2. Jeffrey1235

    Honoring nonresident permits

    If this has been asked before I'm sorry but I searched it and didn't find anything pertaining to the subject. I'm just wondering; Some states such as Florida issue nonresident permits but it is also my understanding that they do not honor nonresident permits. My question is do they honor their...
  3. Jeffrey1235

    To restore on not?

    If you have an old gun (Winchester) that you inherited and the gun is in pretty good condition but not showroom perfect. Will it ruin the value to have it restored or should you leave it as is? The gun in question is a Winchester .30-.30 Ill. Sesqucentinial edition. oops, I think I might have...
  4. Jeffrey1235

    Carry a round chambered or not?

    When you're carrying, if you carry a semi-auto, do you keep a round chambered or not?
  5. Jeffrey1235

    Concealed carry holsters

    The other day I purchased an Uncle Mike's inside the pants holster with velcro retention strap. I just wanted to let everone know that this holster is a lot better fitting and works better than many of the other brands that I have had. This holster sits a little lower than most of the rest. It...
  6. Jeffrey1235

    Worst gun of all time

    Have you ever had a gun that screwed up on the first shot out of the box? Handle fell off while looking it over in the store? Not counting "homemade" guns, what is the worst handgun ever made? :fie: :sarcastic:
  7. Jeffrey1235

    Best all around Handgun

    What handgun would you consider "the very best" for you. In other words not counting price; considering just the gun and its good or bad points. Which one would you say is your favorite and why? The reason I ask is I am thinking about which gun to add to my collection next and would like to get...
  8. Jeffrey1235

    CWP badge

    This is one of those questions that I was just wondering about, it literally makes no differance at all. Does anyone have or actually carry the CWP badges or do you just put the permit in your wallet along with your other stuff?:to_pick_ones_nose:
  9. Jeffrey1235

    Black Powder . . . bean shooters?!

    I'm just curiouse if anyone knows. When you have to go through hell and half of Georgia to get a modern gun, why is it so easy to get a black powder weapon? I mean in many cases you can mail order black powder guns, UPS will even bring them right to your door, the wal-mart near my house sells...
  10. Jeffrey1235

    Castle Doctrine or not?

    I have heard both ways, that NC is and is not a castle doctrine state. I have also heard Deputy Sheriffs say that even without the castle doctrine that NC residents do not "have a duty to retreat" . Does anyone no what the real deal is?
  11. Jeffrey1235

    Shoulder Holsters

    Does anyone use shoulder holsters on a regular basis? Do you recomend any particular one? Pros and cons? I'm cosidering trying a shoulder holster and thought I'd try to find out what someone who has already been there and done that thinks.
  12. Jeffrey1235

    Storing loaded clips

    I may be showing my stupidity but does it hurt a clip to leave it loaded? Such as using a Hi point C9 as a CC weapon that may or may not be fired all that often. Will the springs in the clip get weak etc.?