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  1. Edsworld

    Meet and Eat Event

    Open Carry meet and Eat. Denny's on Central in Albuquerque. Today Nov. 17 2012 from 3-6pm. I know this is a conceal carry forum. I do both, so I'll be there. Central and Columbia, I think. If that's not exact, you should still be within a block or 2. Pm me and I'll get you better directions...
  2. Edsworld

    carry on a motorcycle?

    Ya. The "Pass with Care Sign".:biggrin:
  3. Edsworld

    At what age do you teach kids about guns? How to shoot?

    My nephew spent this weekend with us and I decided to teach him about hand guns. He has always seen me with mine and was always asking about it, so I got some snapcaps and started showing him how to operate the weapon. Everything from loading the mag to chambering a round. I even let him dry...
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    Alcohol and concealed carry

    If people don't die, then what? You cannot prevent death and you should not use laws to try to prevent a maybe death. You cannot say he is doing this and some one MIGHT die so lets make it illegal. We would not be allowed to do anything! I have lost a child, but I didn't try to pass laws...
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    Flip 'Em The Bird And Die Like A Viking

    One of the most widely misused terms on the Net is "ad hominem". It is most often introduced into a discussion by certain delicate types, delicate of personality and mind, whenever their opponents resort to a bit of sarcasm. As soon as the suspicion of an insult appears, they summon the angels...
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    Now, This is funny

    Check This out! :biggrin: Concealed Carry Underwear | Buy Concealed Carry Panties for Men, Women, & Kids | Funny & Sexy - CafePress
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    Meeting people

    My wife is taking classes at the community college (cnm) and one of her class mates invited us over for a bbq. There will be others from the class there. Should I inform the home owner the I am carrying? I have never met these people before and don't know how they might react to having a...
  8. Edsworld

    ccw myth

    Myth: People with concealed weapons permits will commit crimes! Fact: The results for the first 30 states that passed “shall-issue” laws for concealed carry permits are similar. Fact: The general public is: 5.7 times more likely to be arrested for violent offenses than CCW permit holders...
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    Fatal Detroit shooting (Victim fires back)

    Link Removed Read The rest of the story.
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    Deadly Home Invasion in Prichard, AL. (Hoods announce as "ATF" then kill homeowner)

    Link Removed I think this link will get you there.
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    security for churches?

    They don't understand. People are going to carry guns with or without their permission.
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    People to shoot with

    Looking for people around Moriarty,nm to go shooting with. Not much fun practicing by yourself. Big horn, not enough room to move around, so if you know of some place that would be great.
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    Applied for permit 2 weeks ago. Any guesses on how long it will take. Just for fun. :sarcastic: