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  1. Budreaux39

    KFC in and around Jonesboro, Ar. (NE) FYI

    Some if not all of the KFC's around this area have the proper sign to make it unlawful to carry your handgun into the building.
  2. Budreaux39

    Advanced Training April 23-24

    Close to Jonesboro, plenty hotels to choose from, what is your life worth? Find out here: Link Removed
  3. Budreaux39

    List of Arkansas CCW Instructors

    Instructor in Jonesboro, Ar Hello, I am Scott Vaughn and am an Instructor in Jonesboro. Would be glad to assist any in training of firearms from getting you license to carry in Arkansas to self defense training with your handgun. I have been ASP instructor for 9+ years and am now a Suarez...