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  1. arkie45

    Police Officers in Fayetteville Bar Brawl

    This can't be good...(only LEO's can carry in a bar). Link Removed
  2. arkie45

    Home Invasion

    Yet another case of self inflicted pain. Here's a link to the 911 recording: Link Removed
  3. arkie45

    Good encounter at home

    I was roused from sleep at about 1:30 a.m. this morning by a revving motorcycle in front of my house. The headlight was waving its beam back and forth across my bedroom window. I jumped into my pants and t-shirt, grabbed my Kimber and 3 extra mags, grabbed my light, and peeked through the...
  4. arkie45

    smith&wesson m&p shield?

    Very impressed! Bought one for my wife in 9mm. I figured the grip would be too small...nope, wondered about accuracy...I can shoot it as well or better that my M&P 40c, trigger...MUCH better than my 40c. It is a tad large for a pocket pistol, but slim and comfy to carry. I'm sold enough that I'm...
  5. arkie45

    Looking for ideas on a 45

    Link Removed M&P 45...3 backstrap sizes, great grip angle, easy follow-up.
  6. arkie45

    Quick ez mods for pistol

    Looks good, lasts a long time!Nail polish per Link RemovedLink Removed