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  1. roguejesse

    My new baby

    Nice! I see a Sig in my future; just not sure if the 226, 228, or 229. How much did this one set you back?
  2. roguejesse

    .45 vs Body Armor

    You made some valid points; but you are speculating on what he might of bought; playing the strawman argument. I find the receipts to be credible evidence, followed by the apology by the company that sold the items to the shooter. 6,000 rounds of ammunition; which was more like 3,000 in 5.56mm...
  3. roguejesse

    Owning modern day assault weapons

    Assault is a criminal act, not a type of gun. The phrase "Assault Rifle" is loved by the Liberal media, because its' very name conveys fear and malice to the un-informed. Finally politicians with a gun control agenda, use it to mis-classify semi-automatic rifles, as military fully automatic...
  4. roguejesse

    Pocket Pistol Purchase Considerations

    I am considering buying a new pocket size pistol. I'm considering the following: Beretta Nano S&W M&P Shied Ruger LCP Ruger LC9 Walther PPQ I'm open to any other suggestions. I would also like to hear people's experience with these pistols; pros & cons. Thanks Jesse
  5. roguejesse

    Concealed carry at Movie Theater

    Maybe pull your pants up? Link RemovedLink Removed
  6. roguejesse

    Advanced Pistol Training

    Try Sig Academy Link Removed I've taken quite a few in NE PA.
  7. roguejesse

    Family and on private property

    Link Removed Seems to me that NY is pretty Anti-Constitutional as far as hand guns are concerned. If you feel your family needs to protect themselves from wild animals, they might be better off with a rifle or shotgun as far as the law is concerned. Maybe someone will chime in that has first...
  8. roguejesse

    U.S. Crime Rate Down For Third Year

    Re: New York Remains Safest Big U.S. City as Crime Declines 5%, Mayor Says The reason that the "Mayor" says that crime is down, is because the cops refuse to take complaints. Or if they do, they downgrade them e.g assault down to harassment. They are cooking the books on their crime stats...