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    Courthouse Carry

    I went to the Reading, PA courthouse to pick up my marriage license. I ALWAYS carry in Reading, and this was no exception. When I parked, there were sheriffs everywhere walking around. It was a nice day, so I figured OC was of the occasion. Got to the door with no problem, walked up to...
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    Use of Audio/Video recorders

    My state (Pennsylvania) is listed here, and what you say isn't accurate. All parties must be informed if there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. In public, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy, so you can record audio and video, especially if the other party knows about it...
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    Spoke to a Judge... What is he talking about?

    Your profile has you living in Pennsylvania. In PA, there really is only one statewide gun law, and that is the PA Uniform Firearms Act. (Link Removed) The state makes the gun laws, and no other political body can make/change/add any laws regarding guns without state approval and a change in...
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    1 Positive and 1 Neutral encounter

    Last week, I went to a local Wawa (convenience store). A local cop SUV parked next to my car and got out as I was going in. As usual, I was open carrying. The cop smiled and asked me what I was carrying. I told him it was a Glock 17. He smiled again and told me I made a good choice - Glocks...
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    Giant Food Stores

    I recently went to my local Giant Food Store, OC'ing. Unlike the last time I was there, there was a sign placed informing customers that unless they were not law enforcement officers, they were prohibited from carrying any weapons in the store. Apparently, a few weeks ago, another OC'er was in...