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    CWP with criminal record in south carolina question

    I thought I had heard that they no longer ask for arrest information on the application as it was actually redundant. They are going to pull your records and they will have a much better record than your memory. :) At one time you were supposed to list even traffic fines and later allowed you...
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    BATFE: Any Semi-Auto Can Be A Machine Gun

    Yup this case has had so much publicity and hype until the real truth is so hidden under the hype until it will never see the light of day. When it first broke I remember reading about it on a different forum and from what I could tell Olofson is guilty without a doubt. The GAO and other...
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    Email recieved, whats your take on it

    Link Removed The story is true and factual. I has been printed in many newspapers and is on many websites. Above is just one link to it and gives more detail.
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    Two Bad Guys dead and a lesson for everyone

    Everyone needs to read this for several reasons. However the main one is that in too many cases when people talk about how they can use their gun to defend themselves they tend to forget that sometimes the bad guy may be shooting back. I can't really say this story had a happy ending so I will...
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    Zimmerman Documents

    I really hate to start another thread on this but I finally read the "supposedly" actual affidavit presented to the judge in the bond hearing and the "supposedly" transcript of the 911 call Zimmerman made on the night of the shooting. I say supposedly because both of these seem to conflict with...
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    Wonder how much it hurt the hearts of MSNBC to post this article

    U.S. News - George Zimmerman: Prelude to the shooting of Trayvon Martin I really had a hard time believing they posted this, It is a Reuters article so it is not from MSNBC but for them to even link to it is a surprise. Well worth reading.
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    Kohl's does What? I had to post this

    Since contraceptives are too expensive for most women some stores have stepped in to help. Link Removed
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    Trayvon Martin died because of pot

    Is this a fake or it is the real one? Link Removed
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    The Sanford City Manager was on TV last night and said that he was allowed to carry his gun home with him after the shooting but it was later booked into evidence. This sounds like more BS coming from the city on this case. I don't know what they did, only what they are claiming but I do know...
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    Whats your opinion on the florida shooting?

    As much as in my opinion Zimmerman screwed up, it is a fact that the police screwed up way beyond imagination. From what I have read and heard as you say the police came arrived and didn't even bother to investigate what happened. They just looked at the scene and told Zimmerman to have a nice...
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    Can I purchase a handgun in Sc with my NC cwp?

    I was going by the list linked below. As for states that have an alternative to the NICS I do not know about them and will take your word for it. I did notice that for NC it says permit to purchase a pistol and CHP qualify so in NC since you have to have a permit to purchase does NC do NICS...
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    15 things for you to decide which you like best

    We all have things that we like to do and find enjoyment in. Think about the following list and which is your favorite thing to do and your least favorite. If you want to rate them all try it. 1. Root canal 2. Walk on the beach with your special one 3. Doctor’s visit 4. Disney World with your...
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    Spartanburg City Councilman asks Sheriff Chuck Wright To Stop Encouraging CCP`s

    Speaking of training for a CWP...... Link Removed But this was Cherokee county which is right next door to Spartanburg.
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    S.C. Handgun trasfer of owenership acoss state lines???

    That is in complete conflict with what I have been informed of several times when I have asked that very question. In fact I hope you are correct as I have been chastised on either this board or another one for promoting illegal activity when suggesting someone do that. As to 23-31-10 there...
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    Another SC Sheriff tells women to Get You a Gun

    This is one of those stories that makes me sick to my stomach but another SC Sheriff tells women (and men) to get a CWP (he has to say that and not what he really wants to say). This is a case where is the lady had been armed would certainly have turned out different. In SC she could have had...
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    National CCW

    About the right to travel, this has been discussed on this and almost every other gun board in existence along with most other boards many, many times. On more than one occasion I have asked to see where the SCOTUS or other courts have equated the right to travel with the right to operate a...
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    Woman defends her driving with a gun

    I am not sure if this woman should be carrying a gun or not. She seems a little trigger happy to me. Link Removed
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    Occupy Wall Street - Very Off Topic of guns

    I have been doing some research and have yet to figure out what the Occupy Wall Street - Oakland - Boston - ....... protests are all about. I know they are supposedly just the frustrated 99% protesting the wealthy 1% but just what are they wanting any one to do abou it? Other than just having...
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    No firearms signs and printing.

    If they ask you to leave then you must leave no matter if a sign is posted or not. Just because there is no sign it does not mean that they cannot ask you to go. It just means that you cannot be arrested and charged unless you are asked to leave. If a legal sign is posted and you are...
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    Handgun Stopping Power an Alternate Look from a different view

    Maybe this guy has a point but interesting anyway. He says caliber doesn't make a lot of difference. What do you think. An Alternate Look at Handgun Stopping Power