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  1. Mike508

    Glock Trigger Guard

    Hello All, I have a Glock 26 I use for EDC (just recently bought). I have noticed that the piece that juts out from the bottom front of the trigger guard catches on my IWB holster (n82 tactical) as well as a shoulder holster (jackass rig) I would like to use. Has anyone filed or ground down...
  2. Mike508

    Positive Encounter with Nashville Police

    Recently I was involved in a one person motorcycle accident just outside Nashville on I-24. A very kind citizen stopped and called 911 for me as I had layed my motorcycle down on it's side during a rainstorm and was not myself (4 broke ribs). Soon the Fire and Rescue showed up as well as a...
  3. Mike508

    Received Crossbreed Supertuck

    Want to Thank USA Carry for the Holster Giveaway. I have received the Crossbreed Supertuck for my Taurus PT-145. In fact, I'm wearing it now. See the attached Pictures. Again thanks to all. Mike508