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  1. joeren

    MA Class A LTC

    renewal arrived today. 49 days door to door. this is about the average that I have experienced. The fastest turn around time for me was 30 days. Cheers Joe
  2. joeren

    Barnes XPB reloading data

    Anyone have pet loads for the 160gr XPB in 45 ACP? I just ordered 3 boxes. Thanks in advance Joe
  3. joeren

    Slight Dilema

    Wow, only two firearms from H&K are on the current list. Link Removed Joe
  4. joeren

    Mag capacity?

    New York High capacity NYS has it's very own assault weapons and high capacity magazine ban. Mags with a capacity of more than 10 rounds are illegal unless manufactured before Sept 13, 1994. Pre94 magazines are still available at a premium price. See Link Removed Cheers Joe
  5. joeren

    Got myself a Christmas present!!!

    Aimpoint or Eotech Kimber I just went through the Aimpoint/Eotech selection process. I have one of the Aimpoint knockoffs (Tacpoint) and it works well so I know I would like the Aimpoint. I did most of my research on and found perhaps a slight bias in favor of the Eotech, from those...