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  1. Michael Ramsey

    Looking for Utah class in OK

    Moving to Stroud this weekend from Florida and already have the OK instructor setup. I'm also wanting to finally get a Utah Non-resident but haven't been able to find any listed on here nor any online. Of course I'll be willing to travel to OKC or Tulsa so that wont be an issue. I'd just like to...
  2. Michael Ramsey

    IWB holster question

    My IWB rubbed also so I went to Michaels (art store) and purchased some self adhesive felt and covered the back that come into contact with my skin. Several years now, more sweat than I care to think about and it still works great. Also, don't stress "printing". Nobody is going to notice except...
  3. Michael Ramsey

    The new Indiana "plastic" License to Carry Handgun

    Arkansas permits are about like a DL also, they even use the same picture. Of course they're not lifetime permits. Indiana used to (until Oct 1st) be printed on pink printer paper. Once you cut it out and laminate it, you find out it will not fit in any CC pocket It's worth the 20 bucks for a...
  4. Michael Ramsey

    The new Indiana "plastic" License to Carry Handgun

    For those Indiana folks that haven't yet or don't know, you can get a new plastic permit. If you already have a paper permit, you can request a duplicate for just 20 bucks and the turn around is pretty fast. My duplicate took about 8 days from apply to receiving. Apply for duplicate (or new)...
  5. Michael Ramsey

    The police in TN can now violate your rights legally it seems

    This seems like a huge violation Link Removed
  6. Michael Ramsey

    It's the little things

    Last week I got a new NRA hat that I greatly needed to replace the old one, and today I get a new USACARRY pin.. I've decided to combine the two this time..... Thanks for the pin guys, I didn't wear the last one but this time I'll wear it in plain sight for everyone who's 6' or above to see.
  7. Michael Ramsey

    Not 1 but "2" followers broke today!

    So I'm having an OCD moment and and reloading the Glock mags and the mag in my EDC jammed after ejecting the first round and I could "pour" the rounds out. So pulled base plate off and sure enough, the followers little flapper (I don't know what it's called) that keeps it aligned was broken and...
  8. Michael Ramsey

    Made top 10 list on Posted

    Daughter sent me a pic on my phone informing me I made top 10 list on top pro & most recent. It's not much of an accomplishment but I enjoy knowing that I help provide info that could possibly help others.
  9. Michael Ramsey

    Here's what I have so far with making forums black.

    Not done by any means but only really mess with it when not feeling well. But you can see what I have so far... Pics are to large for the page so here's the links Full main forum : (very long and may shrink so just hover mouse and click it to expand) New Posts ...
  10. Michael Ramsey

    If only I had unlimited funs, could have bought lots of ammo

    After doing that 25 cent trigger job on the Glock 10 (super smooth now) I decided to go fire a few mags before I'd carry again. Went in the range/gun store and looked on store shelf and saw about 10 50rd boxes of jhp 40cal and 13 50rd boxes of jhp 10mm. I was surprised to see that it was the...
  11. Michael Ramsey

    Auto Repair Material

    Needs deleted Needs deleted
  12. Michael Ramsey

    Pearce Grip +2 / Scherer +2 Comparason

    Thought I'd show some pics of the Pearce and Scherer +2 mag extensions and tell what I see as being different between the two. The initial difference I noticed was that the Scherer did not come with a "Magazine Insert" where as the Pearce did. The second thing I noticed was the Scherer has a...
  13. Michael Ramsey

    Finally got a reply from the POS in office.

    Just reading it makes me want to smash my laptop into a million pieces... They wrote this with the assumption that anyone reading it is stupid and wont see through their lies.... Makes me furious.
  14. Michael Ramsey

    NYC mugger who mugged a 59 year old woman... CAUGHT!!!

    Some of you may or may not have seen the video of the 59 year old woman who was brutally mugged by a sorry piece of worthless trash, but this horrible person has been caught by "The Internet". Here's a link to the video - Mugger Who Wore His Frat Jersey to the Crime Caught | SourceFed
  15. Michael Ramsey

    Senator Mark Pryon responded

    I realize sadly that it's a generic response he (or an aid) throws out to emails like the one I sent him but if one judged his stance that he'd have our 2nd Amendments Rights at heart. I'm leery of the mental health or universal background but just seeing he's opposed to taking out guns away...
  16. Michael Ramsey

    I'm still sending emails.... Lieutenant Governor

    Well this was a good reply. Wish all of them thought along these lines
  17. Michael Ramsey

    Any Military/oldtimers with Tinnitus?

    So for like 8 years I crewed helicopters and more years working on and flying in to jump out of.... Seems that sitting under transmissions, hydraulics, and turbines did significant damage to my ears. I've got upwards 50% hearing loss in both ears but worse than not hearing is the never ending...
  18. Michael Ramsey

    FPSRussia Raid: Kyle Myers's Property Searched By Federal Agents

    Hope it's not been posted, looked but didn't see it FPSRussia Raid: Kyle Myers's Property Searched By Federal Agents
  19. Michael Ramsey

    Kimber or Rock Island?

    Went to a gun show a couple of weeks ago and I picked up and felt so many 1911's to see if I could find one I liked the feeling of. So I found this small Rock Island that was an absolute dream of a grip but it was a 45 which is a drawback to me. I've nothing against .45 but I'm looking for a...
  20. Michael Ramsey

    Being sick sucks but it is one of the few times I'll mess with site styles

    Got another 15 minutes and so far it's looking good. It's absolutly a work in progress and hope to feel well enough to finish it. If someone likes messing with "Stylish" and wants it prior to being complete just ask. Image is to big to post as it's the entire front page of the forum section...