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  1. danblackstone

    Open Carry Day

    Blackstone Gun Safety is introducing “Open Carry Day”. Blackstone Gun Safety prefers people carry concealed instead of open most of the time. However, we have decided to launch this “Open Carry Day” on Monday, September 12, 2011. Why did we pick this day? 10 years ago and one day, one of our...
  2. danblackstone

    Be serious if you carry

    Twice now in the last 3 weeks I’ve heard someone say, “They want to carry a gun, but only to scare away a bad guy, or to just shoot them a little bit.” Really, shoot them a little bit? I train a lot and practice with that situation in mind but I never practice to shoot them just a little...
  3. danblackstone

    Practice is Crucial when Carrying a Firearm

    Carrying a gun is an awesome responsibility but I believe you have a responsibility to carry your gun to protect yourself and your family. You also have a responsibility to be proficient with your gun. If the occasion ever arises that you need to protect yourself and/or your family all your fine...