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  1. huntindogg 0701

    congratulations to the first 5000 concealed carry license holders!!!!!!!!

    being a cwp holder in the state of south carolina i would like to give congratulations to all of the 1st batch of ccl holders in illinois. the fight was long but the goal has been reached. is it far from over for the anti-gun nannies, HELL NO!!!!!! stay on top of all that comes out of...
  2. huntindogg 0701

    anti-gun groups bitching at each other again over facebook policy changes

    they are at each other again. illegal moms demand whatever are claiming "victory" while the Brady campaign for Gun Bans say is was a massive defeat. this has just gotten way beyond comical. when are they going to realize that this was another EPIC FAIL for the gun control movement along with...
  3. huntindogg 0701

    most of my range friends are women

    i shoot at Palmetto State Armory here in the Hilton Head Island, South Carolina area and most of the people i have met there are women. I have absolutely ZERO issues with women shooters, and that's because these women aren't afraid to say that they are cwp holders and carry every day. Case in...
  4. huntindogg 0701

    moms demand gun bans and "free kill zones" invading a Staples near you.

    Hey everyone who frequents Staples(like me) and carries a concealed weapon please let the store manager know if you see any pickitors on the property or you see anyone getting harassed. they just hit a Staples in North Carolina (all 12 of them). they were shoved into the far reaches of the...
  5. huntindogg 0701

    Lady in Fountain Inn is hero and she never drew her gun

    now that's what i'm talking about!!!!!:dirol::smile:
  6. huntindogg 0701

    Evolve - nothing more than a new ANTI-GUN group

    tom gresham did an interview with the founder of Evolve, a so-called "gun safety" group. she was very evasive when asked simple questions on topics like gun safety programs already in place, and her stance on the second amendment. to me that sounds like the old anti-gun song and dance. why can't...
  7. huntindogg 0701

    favorite self defense ammo?

    my favorite self defense is 147 grain federal law enforcement jhp (white box).:crazy_pilot::neo::nhl_checking:
  8. huntindogg 0701

    hey charleston Joseph Riley must go!!!!!!

    a warning to all my gun loving brotheren who live in Charleston, your mayor Joseph Riley is a member of nanny mike's organization (MAIG). he will take every opportunity to screw every law abiding gun owner in Charleston over huge. so when he comes up for re-election vote against him. oust him...
  9. huntindogg 0701

    let's call " gun free " zones what they really are.

    i will be calling "gun free" zones from now on "free kill" zones and we have mr. hillary clinton to thank for that.:yu:
  10. huntindogg 0701

    m&p15-22 or mossberg 715???

    i am planning to use my tax refunds (sorry if i'm reminding you all about tax season already ) to purchase my first ar style rifle. should i go with the smith & wesson m&p15-22 or the mossberg 715? i can get them from my dealer for roughly the same price. opinions are welcome.:crazy_pilot:
  11. huntindogg 0701

    s308 passed the senate finally.

    i am over the moon that s308 passed the senate with ease without any anti-gun amendments. can't wait to start carrying in restaurants without issue. chris cliff SC CWP #000277327
  12. huntindogg 0701

    potential handgun owner: recommendations needed

    can you help me pick the right handgun?: here are my requirements: 1. 9mm, .380 auto, .40S&W 2. compact and easy to conceal. 3. minimum 6 capacity magazine. all recommendations will be helpful.