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  1. jlamb

    Armed Resident Protects Herself and Another

    Woman Shoots And Kills Robber In Her House | Charlotte News | Weather | Carolina Panthers | Bobcats | FOX Charlotte | Top Stories CHARLOTTE, NC - CMPD is conducting an investigation into a home invasion robbery and subsequent shooting that occurred on Finchley Drive, which left one man dead...
  2. jlamb

    Traveling to GA for the weekend

    I'm traveling to GA (Alpharetta and Roswell) tomorrow for a friend's wedding and intend on bringing my handgun with me. I've been reading up on GA laws and I got to say they are hard to understand. While GA appears to be more gun-friendly on places you can carry compared to NC, the language in...
  3. jlamb

    NC and Hyatt's (Charlotte) in the news

    Saw this story on the local news tonight. Link Removed
  4. jlamb

    Iredell county CHP application

    Anyone here with their CHP complete the application process in Iredell county? Curious on the average time it takes for the Sheriff to grant/deny. TIA
  5. jlamb

    correct open carry in car

    Link Removed Given this general prohibition of carrying concealed weapons, individuals must be ever vigilant to ensure that their particular situation cannot be construed as concealing a weapon either on or about them without being properly authorized to do so with a valid North Carolina...
  6. jlamb

    List Of North Carolina Gun Ranges

    QUAIL HAVEN HUNTING PRESERVE, INC. 267 Noel Road Harmony, NC 28634 Telephone: 704-546-2999 or 704-546-5676 Outdoor pistol range, 5 lanes. Annual membership is $325 for an individual. Or $8/hr for non-members. Link Removed