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  1. Pat H.

    Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

    I'm not interested in a pissing match here, but you'll find that it is as I stated in reality. In point of fact, during my somewhat long life, I've never been asked for my DL or other ID at any other time. At what other time are you going to be asked for an ID? During a stroll down main street?
  2. Pat H.

    L1 digital fingerprinting has been stopped!

    Excellent news. Actually, we need SLED out of our business altogether.
  3. Pat H.

    potential handgun owner: recommendations needed

    First, I recommend you read Why Not Carry the Big Gun that was published recently. It's excellent food for thought. I carry a Link Removed in .40 S&W caliber. Mine is a bit older than the current Gen II model and is double action only, the current one is double action on the first shot...