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  1. vettehigh

    FBI NICS denied my pistol

    Received my NY permit 3 months ago and today I go to pick up my XD and boom, my FFL calls the NCIS right in front of me and they deny. What the hell:mad:. Turns out, the FBI did not have my cert of release on file. It was their fault, but I have to correct their mistake. Had to go and get...
  2. vettehigh

    Ammo for my XD Sub-Compact 9mm

    New to the game, will be picking up my XD Monday. Looking for online sources for ammo. Looking to get 500 rounds for target and 50 rounds for protection. I have little knowledge in relation to brands of ammo. I have seen 500 rounds (target) for $110 shipped, but I do not know if they are any...
  3. vettehigh

    Getting your permit for hunting/target 1st, then getting your CCW

    Just received my target/hunting permit today from the Sheriff's office (NY - been 3 months from the start to today to receive). Went to see the Judge personally 5 weeks ago about my CCW. The Judge told me that I would receive a letter from him personally stating if I was approved/denied...
  4. vettehigh

    Received personal letter from Judge today requesting all police reports

    I'm in the process of getting my CCW (Upstate NY) and yesterday I received a personal letter from the judge stating that he wants to see all police reports generated in connection with the charge and arrest for criminal possession of controlled substance in the 5th (misdemeanor - performance...