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    ATI compact 1911

    Excellent review. Link Removed
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    Wisconsin DOJ Releases it's FAQ

    It can be found here Link Removed
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    Governor Say He Will Sign CC Bill After July 4th

    On WTMJ news this morning Governor Walker said he would sign the concealed carry bill sometime shortly after July 4th. He stated that Sen. Darling [R-River Hills] was introducing another bill to stiffen penalties for felons who carry guns. He went on to say that he held out for training to be...
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    Easy to Read Nuts and Bolts of SB93

    A memo from Anne Sappenfield to Pam Galloway explaining SB 93 in a question and answer format. It answers most questions clearly; Link Removed
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    SB93 Passes Assembly Concealed Carry In Wisconsin!

    The Wisconsin State Assembly has passed SB 93 to clear the way for concealed carry in Wisconsin. The bill now moves to the Governor's desk for his signature. Governor Walker has stated that he would sign it in it's current form. Congratulations to the state of Wisconsin! Only the state of...
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    Got a question

    Yes, it is possible. It would depend on what the weapon was made of, how often it was used and how its was stored and maintained for that 800 years. Some polymers have an unlimited shelf life; Link Removed Chromed lined barrels theoretically could last forever. So a well maintained, properly...
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    Wisconsin SB 93

    The original bill Link Removed The amendments Link Removed After being amended it is no longer Constitution Carry. It now requires permits and minimal training. The Wis. Assembly will vote on the bill next Tuesday June 21st. It is expected to pass in it's current form. Governor Walker has...
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    Wisconsin Assembly To Vote June 21 On CC Bill

    The Wisconsin State Assembly will vote on a bill [SB93] next week Tuesday to legalize the carrying of concealed weapons. The Senate passed the measure earlier this week. Republicans in the Assembly met Thursday morning during a break in the budget debate to schedule the vote Tuesday June 21...
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    Milwaukee Wisconsin-Looking for basic training for CC

    It looks like CC in Wisconsin is a done deal by the end of the month. I would like to beat the rush and gain a basic class to satisfy our training requerments. Any instructors in Milwaukee Wisconsin?
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    SB 93 Passes Senate

    The amended SB 93 has just passed the Senate! Now on to the Assembly! Fun stuff to watch!
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    Wisconsin CC bill up for vote

    Heres a link to the new amended Senate Bill 93. It's actually pretty easy to read and explains everything in detail. Link Removed
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    Senate Bill 93 To Advance

    The Joint Finance Committee will take up Senate Bill 93 pertaining to concealed carry today. Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) said the committee will amend the bill Thursday to include permits and training. Governor Walker stated last week that he would prefer a bill that...
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    WISCONSIN - What are the laws regarding transporting firarms in a Pickup Truck?

    Straight forward, unloaded and cased. Transportation of firearms. In general, possessing or transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle, motorboat, all-terrain vehicle, or aircraft is prohibited unless the gun is unloaded and in a carrying case. [ss. 167.31 (2) and (3),23.33 (3) (e)] An...