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  1. TlWheatley

    Association of CCDW Instructors and Trainers of ky

    OPEN TO ANY ACTIVE instructor or trainer in KY. Find out more @ Link Removed Link Removed Next Meeting May 18th Hill Billy Cafe Hwy 127 Russell Springs
  2. TlWheatley

    Friends of NRA BAnquets

    Owensboro Aug 10th $50.00 5 Counties (Shelby County and surrounding area) Aug 24th Claudia Sanders Dinner House $35.00 Greater Louisville, Sept 7th $40.00 Friends of NRA - NRA Foundation to order tickets
  3. TlWheatley

    Jefferstown wants it's residents to carry concealed

    The city of Jefferstown wants is residents to get their concealed carry license. They are wanting to pay for the classes as an incentive. Link Removed Good idea? Bad idea? First thing is: They will have your info locally.
  4. TlWheatley

    New to rifles, need for defense. What's good?

    I've been around handguns most of my life, but now I need to find a good defense rifle. I know the difference between an AR and an AK, any advice?
  5. TlWheatley

    IRS vs Tea party

    Subject: Federal Government Silencing Freedom Connector Groups via IRS ------ On February 14, 2012 we received a letter from the IRS trying to silence the Kentucky 9/12 Project. Our response "We will not comply". We join possibly close to 80 other liberty groups from around the country the IRS...
  6. TlWheatley

    IRS vs Tea party

    The Obama gestapo has been sending out letters to teaparty organizations, requesting members names and other info.. My group is refusing to comply..
  7. TlWheatley

    Cz 75d pcr compact vs m&p

    Any thoughts on the CZ? I have an M&P and looking to add something else. Heard alot of good about the CZ.
  8. TlWheatley

    KY Certified Instructors Association

    Any instructors interested in forming an certified instructors association for KY???
  9. TlWheatley

    List Of Kentucky Gun Ranges

    Cedar ridge is in CAve City...Link Removed