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  1. Memphis

    The Great Che/Obama? Best video EVER!!!

    Take a couple minutes and look at what nearly 50% of the Country is thinking of voting for. I swear this is the best video EVER on Obama's true colors. And they ain't red, white and blue..... - A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama If you can't e-mail this to at least one...
  2. Memphis

    Disney Rocks!! (kinda).....

    Disney Turns a new leaf. Thought you guys might like this and I hope it wasn't posted already. Link Removed
  3. Memphis

    Just thought I'd say hi and......

    Show ya'll this link. Seems there's more people participating in the recession than I'd like and no one's really viewing the classifieds. Link Removed Take a look and see if you're interested. THANK YOU!!!
  4. Memphis

    Just got my Comp-Tac Spartan. Yeah! (sorta)

    A few days ago I ordered my Comp-Tac Spartan and waited for the e-mail stating it would take 10 days to make. I knew this but, It was sad anyways. To my great surprise it was shipped out in just 2 days and made it home today (a week from my order date)! Yall know I'm not just going to play...
  5. Memphis

    So it's been awhile....AGAIN....

    So the skinny goes like this: I've moved into my new place, I'm doing great at my new job, I finally recovered about 90% from the B-Day car crash, I FINALLY got my FL CCW, AND on the greatest day our Nation has....I got married to the love of my LIFE!!! I've had this woman in my heart since...
  6. Memphis

    It's been awhile...

    Just wanted to say "Hi" to everyone. I know I just kind disspered but, I started new bussines, had to got to physical therapy, moved into a new apartment and started to date again (GREAT girl). It's been crazy lately. I hope all is well with my brethren and I promise to check in a little...
  7. Memphis

    Got pulled over tonight.

    I was on the way home and got pulled over by a Lake County Sheriff's Deputy. I was wondering what I had done since it was pretty late and I drive safe anyways. Deputy approaches car and ask for papers, which I carry in wallet as I'm still waiting for my CCW and keep the M&P in the glove box, I...
  8. Memphis

    Watch out Ohio

    I'm really happy youre getting to go home but, didn't you kinda start this post already? Link Removed Have a safe trip. :)
  9. Memphis

    S&W MP 40 Compact

    Gun Porn!!! Oh my GOSH. Will you look at the body on that .45!!!
  10. Memphis

    If he was armed....?

    Saw this on my home page. Sad that it's getting worse and worse everyday in my home town. Link Removed I wonder what he was thinking going out unarmed. Why wasn't he armed? Orange county has one of the top 5 highest CCW issue rates in FL.:sad2:
  11. Memphis

    Glock 19 (New carry gun)

    I open carried a G19 for a couple years until I got my CCW and switched to a G27. Still have my old G19 but after shooting and falling in love with the M&P I started selling off my 1st Gen. Glocks so I could buy M&P replacements. Just realized all I needed was the newer Glocks and I could still...
  12. Memphis

    So toaday is my birthday and I got a chopper ride!

    So toaday is my birthday and I got a chopper ride! Pics!! Only it was in a bad way. While doing a little early celebrating I was involved in a car crash! I wasn't driving but, on my way home after having a quick drink and a little argument with my ex-GF I got in a truck with another friend I...
  13. Memphis

    They're heeere. Finally got pics of the M&P!!

    Just a few pics of my new M&P 9mm Compact. I have 500 rounds of UMC in the car and I'm off tomorrow so keep tuning in kids!! Range report will follow. Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Don't worry, I didn't point at anyone. I have auto snap! ;)
  14. Memphis

    Just took my FL FFL tonight....7 out of 10

    I had a fairly informative NRA instructor and the class was good. Although I've carried for years in VA, I wanted to get "up" on FL laws and just wanted to take some of my buddies with me too. Now some bad news. I had a few guys in this class who were intent on "blowing someone away". It just...
  15. Memphis

    New Orleans Mayor

    Apperantly they can. All I see the the red "X".
  16. Memphis

    Fun facts (with back up)

    And for the opposite effect, here's a not so smart guy with NO facts or really even a rational though. Link Removed I certainly would not shoot someone at random just because they are in my house. If you have something in your hand that may hurt me that's different and I assure you they will...
  17. Memphis

    Fun facts (with back up)

    Just wanted to share this with you guys. I know some one posted something like this yesterday but, this is a little shorter and easier to digest: Have fun and good reading.
  18. Memphis

    Range Day!! Wanna come with?

    Range Day!! Wanna come with? **UPDATE** I may have arranged for us to go out to my buddy's house in Howey-In-The-Hills, FL. He has 15 acres we can shoot on all day long and we will be our own Range Officers!!!! What do ya think? Just a thought but, why don't we organize a range day for a bunch...
  19. Memphis

    Why do you carry different guns?

    I have read alot of things on the boards about "winter" and "summer" carry guns. My question is fairly simple I guess. Why do you carry a heavier weapon in colder months than in summer months? I understand that you can conceal "more" gun with the heavier clothes that winter allows you to wear...