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    Bug out bag

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    Bug out bag

    Link Removed
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    TSA Guidelines for transporting a firearm on aircraft.

    Here's the link to the TSA info on transporting firearms and ammo when traveling on aircraft. Edit: Original link not working:
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    Have you been made?

    I saw a thread on another forum about getting "caught" while carrying. I wondered if anyone had any good stories about a time when they didn't conceal so well...
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    What caliber is your primary carry gun?

    My primary CC gun is a Springfield XD-45. I use Federal HST 230gr .45acp.
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    This is a must read! 10 things non-gun people should know about CCW holders.

    This is not my own but I thought it was worth sharing. 10 things non-gun people should know about CCW holders. 1. We don’t carry firearms so that we can ignore other basics of personal safety. Every permit holder that I know realizes that almost all dangerous situations can be avoided by...
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    XD45 says hello from Kansas!

    Second post from Kansas! Thank you for what has the potential to be an incredible resource! If you're a Kansan, or planning on visiting the Sunflower state, stop by and visit for more state specific info, resources and general fellowship. XD45 P.S. Thanks to raytracer for the...
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    Preferred Carry Ammo?

    Try the HST's, you will love them!!! Link Removed
  9. XD45 picnic...Anybody going? BBQ, PISTOL CONTEST, RIFLE RANGE, GUN RAFFLE, DOOR PRIZES, FULL AUTO RENTALS, AND LOTS MORE! Here is your chance to win some great firearms. The money raised by this raffle and other fundraisers helps to promote 2nd Amendment activities as well as help promote...
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    can we have them please???
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    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    I am looking at the Minotaur MTAC Holster offered by Comp-Tac for my Springfield XD-45. I waited too long. Introductory price of $70.00 ended September 15th. Now they are $80.00, but they have a very quick turn-around time. Link Removed