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  1. Dewhitewolf

    NJ Gun Rights/Info Podcast

    There's a new podcast in NJ that discusses gun issues here, including discussions of current rights and laws. It is currently the only such podcast that originate from and focuses on New Jersey. The hosts answer email questions and tell you about the current lawsuits going on that are...
  2. Dewhitewolf

    Hollow Point Question

    MateMike, NJ law has been changed. The 6 month provision has been removed for NJ. Link Removed LEOSA (sometimes called HR 218 by cops) allows u to carry nationwide, as long as u meet the criteria: current or retired LEO, not prohibited from owning or carrying firearms, qualify once (or...
  3. Dewhitewolf

    Insurance company

    There is such a thing as self defense insurance. It falls under the category of personal liability insurance. Here's one kind offered through the NRA (not underwritten by the NRA): Link Removed
  4. Dewhitewolf

    Private Security License and Reciprocity

    The Armored Car Reciprocity Act is what I think u are referring to (18 USC §§ 5901-5904). It does not apply to PI's; it applies to armored car personnel transporting goods across state lines. Link Removed In order to be protected by this law, you have to fall under the definition of an...
  5. Dewhitewolf

    Colorado inform and alcohol?

    Here's a link to the Colorado State Shooting Association's site, with a list of FAQ's. Link Removed According to this source, it is not illegal to carry firearms while in an establishment that serves alcohol, nor is it illegal to drink while carrying. However, if involved in a situation...
  6. Dewhitewolf

    Question: New Hampshire vs. Utah

    When I last looked at the application for a non-resident NH carry permit, there were a few requirements: --applicants must supply a copy of a carry permit from either their home state, or from another state that issued them such a carry permit --applicants must consent to a release of...
  7. Dewhitewolf

    Transporting Handgun in NJ

    FOPA protects you during interstate travel if --the firearms are transported unloaded, cased, and inaccessible to the passenger compartment; --the firearms are legal to possess in the state of origin; --the firearms are legal to possess in the state of destination; --you make no substantial...
  8. Dewhitewolf

    Mall Hosting Law Enforcement Expo

    The Rockaway Townsquare Mall will be hosting a Law Enforcement Expo on May 3rd and 4th. Link Removed In past years they have had K-9 and equipment demonstrations as well as weapons displays.
  9. Dewhitewolf

    Open Carry?

    Can someone here clear up some confusion? Is it legal to open carry in FL or not? I don't think it is; I was under the impression that only concealed carry was allowed unless you were hunting or a uniformed security guard. A friend of mine is telling me that open carry is allowed without a...
  10. Dewhitewolf

    For all you NJ/NYC folks!

    The New Jersey Firearms Academy, located in Jersey City, NJ, is a great place to take training courses in firearms, martial arts, and private security, police academy prep, and additional courses such as first aid and canine obedience. I took three courses there and found them all to be a great...
  11. Dewhitewolf

    Flying with CCW

    I flew from Newark, NJ to Las Vegas, NV with my pistol. I was sweating bullets the whole time in line, thinking about what happened to another traveler (story posted below). But I prepared ahead of time by having print outs of the airlines' policies on declaring firearms, in case the counter...