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  1. ptco911

    5 Dead in New Mexico

    The killed included children and of course they found an AR 15 type rifle on the scene. 15 year old in custody. Link Removed
  2. ptco911

    The Congress

    If the Congress knuckles under on this, there will be major problems. Obama does nothing but threaten those that do not agree. He needs to be brought down a notch. NRA-ILA | Hypocrisy and Theatrics as Obama Launches Campaign Against Second Amendment
  3. ptco911

    Another School Shooting

    Link Removed
  4. ptco911

    The Truth About Assault Weapons

    The Truth About Assault Weapons
  5. ptco911

    Oregon Mall Shooter Was Confronted

    The shooter at the mall in Oregon was confronted by a licensed concealed carrier. You won't hear this on the news. Link Removed
  6. ptco911

    Kansas and West Virginia Reciprocity Agreement

    Link Removed
  7. ptco911

    Recommended IWB Holster XD 40 Subcompact

    Looking for recommendations on a good quality comfortable IWB holster for my XD 40 Subcompact. Any help appreciated.