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    Highly Recommended Gun Belts

    I have two Bullhide belts and they are nice belts. However for 1/2 the price I ordered one of these off ebay in black and it is my daily wear belt. I am getting ready to order another in brown. Link Removed
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    9mm Options for me

    Since you like the Kahr , why not just buy another new KAHR?? Since you are happy with the one you have just stay with what you like. If it is an EDC ask yourself is your life worth the extra $$$$? Link Removed
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    Walther PK380?

    Have to agree with the slide being a bit easier for someone with weaker hands to operate.Most of my students with weaker hands love the PK380. Also , there is less felt recoil.Another advantage is you can always pick up the P22 to use for cheap practice . It feels close to have the PK380 in your...
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    How would you handle this

    Agree with above that the grabber was out of line. As far as not carrying in a church. How many shootings have occurred in churches in the past?? I just heard today on the local news that there was an incident in Lakeland , Fl . Link Removed Anything can happen Anytime , anywhere!
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    Dog Won't Leave Fallen Navy SEAL's Side

    Amazing what animals sense! A similar thing happened here in St Petersburg Fla early this year. Two officers were killed serving a felony arrest warrant. At the funeral for the two officers, outside the church the K-9 unit was gathered to escort the coffins to the hearses . Outside one of the...
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    KelTec P40 high cap mag

    Here is your answer along with some other tips: Link Removed
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    Holster for a Kahr PM9?

    I presently carry a Ruger LCP in a Desantis Maverick holster. It has a thumb break and just clips to my belt. I like this in that I can just grab the holster and clip it on without having to take my belt off. I have carried for over 20 years so I have a file cabinet filled with holsters for my...