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    WV NICS exempt with CCW

    A friend was informing me that WV is a NICS exempt state with a valid CCW. Does anyone know if this is only valid for WV issued CCW or is it valid for any state that they have a reciprocity with? __________ From the WVCDL website _______________________ Can a West Virginia Concealed Handgun...
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    CCW running gear for women

    I've tried searching here and some other various forums CCW options for women's running but haven't had much luck. My wife is an avid runner, 5k, 10k, halfs... She's also getting a Glock 42 for Christmas! I'm trying to find some ideas or options for her but most of what I've found have been...
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    VA CCW carrying in WV

    Hello! First post... My family and I are moving from Roanoke VA to near the WV border. I'll still be living in VA... Anyway, my new job will be in WV and I've got my CCW from VA. I was just wondering if there are any issues I need to be made aware of? I've never had any issues in VA and...