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    Beretta PX4 or Springfield XD

    My husband is debating between a Beretta PX4 and a Springfield XD. He is getting a H&K 45c on trade but not sure that he wants that as his carry weapon. He really likes the two listed above. Just want to get opinions on these two. Which one is more accurate, etc. Thanks in advance!!
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    Permit in 7 days

    My husband and I applied for our WV permits on Monday April 18th. We just got them in the mail today. I was really suprised with Hampshire County's turn around. From talking with other people I expected at least a 45 day wait. Have to give my county credit.:pleasantry:
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    Shooting low left

    I am new to CC. I have shot quite a bit in my life but not a lot in the last several years. I went to take my class and was shooting low left. I was consistent shooting a small group but low left. I feel awful about this. I know I need practice, lots of practice. I have had a few people tell me...
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    Applied for WV Permit

    So I called down the Sheriff's office to find out what all we needed to bring to apply for our permits. The lady on the phone said driver's license, proof of completing a class with live fire and $95.00 a person. She said we would have our pictures taken and and be fingerprinted. Well we did...
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    Kids these days

    I am a Nurse in a Pediatric office and I see and hear everything. Yesterday a little boy about 3 years old was slapping his Mom in the face and saying "I'll cut you!" Where do you think he heard that from? Do parents not disipline their children anymore? I know my Mom would've busted by butt in...
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    Kholster is getting my business!

    I emailed kholster yesterday evening with some questions about their holsters. I told them my size and my husband's size, which guns we will be carrying, etc. and I got an email back this morning! I have read some threads on here about how good their customer service is and it is true! I...
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    "No Guns" signs in VA

    There has been a lot of discussion on here about the "No Guns" signs. I just wondered if anyone knew if VA has certain sign criteria as some other states do. I know with some states the sign has to be a certain size, in a certain location etc. just wondering about VA.
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    Need a good shoulder holster

    I am looking for a good shoulder holster for my husband. He will be carrying a HK 45c. He is 6'0" about 280lbs. Any opinions would be appreciated.:biggrin:
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    opinion on H&K 45c

    My husband is getting a HK 45c for CC. The only thing I have heard about these guns is that they are expensive. We are not buying it though, trading for airbrush work. I just wanted to get some opinions about the quality, accuracy, etc.
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    A good IWB holster

    I am looking for a good IWB holster to carry my MP 9c. I have heard good things about Crossbreed and kholsters. The guy at my local gun shop told me about Raven holsters. He also said that I might have a hard time concealing because of my small frame and height. Any suggestions?
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    new girl

    Hi everyone! Don't know if I am supposed to be posting here, I apologize if I'm wrong. I am new to this forum and this caught my eye. I am a 31 yr old female, nurse and live in WV. Just took my CCW class and getting ready to do the paperwork. I purchased a S&W M&P 9c. Shot it for the first time...