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    Open Carry, and where it gets rediculas.

    3. Is it okay if I loan my pistol to a friend? MCL 28.432 An individual can carry, possess, use or transport a pistol belonging to another individual, if the pistol is properly licensed and inspected under the Act, and the individual carrying, possessing, using or transporting the pistol has...
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    Open Carry, and where it gets rediculas.

    What about the gas station snipers from a few years ago? Or when you find out you have people like such Link Removed living near where you dine/shop on a regular basis?
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    Our National Anthem

    Is this better? Link Removed "A video of the event in question, obtained by ABC News, shows Obama with his hands firmly clasped in front of him during the song. Meanwhile, rival Democratic candidates Gov. Bill Richardson (D-AZ) and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) strike a traditional anthem pose...
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    ‘Don’t tread on me’ flags start disputes around the country

    Link Removed "Arizona has a state statute that allows Arizonans to fly "the Stars and Stripes, the state flag, flags representing Indian nations as well as the official flags of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard," the Times reports." So they can fly flags of indian nations and...
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    Extra mags?

    New to cc here in MI just got my cpl about a month ago, I have not been able to find anything that says extra mags have to be concealed while you are ccing. Does anyone know about this? Could you carry them in a mag holder on your belt?
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    Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago

    Here is an update Link Removed This guy has no clue. It's time for him to wake up and come back to earth.
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    Mayor Daley lays out strict gun rules for Chicago

    Has anyone else seen this yet? Link Removed What is up with this guy? Sounds like he thinks he is the law :sarcastic:
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    First Aid Kits in Bug Out Bags

    This is a great site for bags already set up, most are grab and go. Search results for Medical Kits : Galls Don't forget the quick clot. Link Removed
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    H & k vp 70 z

    Heckler & Koch VP70 Does any one have experience with this model? In your mind what are the pros vs cons? Is it reliable? Serviceable? How does it compare to a glock?
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    Can you carry in Applebees in Ohio?

    Has anyone heard if action on these has been taken or if they have been passed?