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  1. S&WM&P40

    Thinking about starting a local club?

    Logo is done. Link Removed Link Removed decal's came out great, Link Removed Diamond Plate came out sick!
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    Way to Always have an IFAK on the range with you.

    Went shooting today with some friends and our friends SKS had a Slam Fire, bolt was taking the round into the barrel and the tip went into the barrel and then the round went off with the bolt half open. Friend got some powder burns on his hand, ripped the casing apart and jammed the gun. Looking...
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    Drawing your firearm to scare away a threat?

    A friend pointed to some FBI study(haven't been able to find it myself.) He claims the study shows that just by making the motion of drawing a firearm, or making a motion that you have one, or drawing your firearm. It stops crime and scares away bad guys, I'm not sure of he thinks this is a good...
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    Thinking about starting a local club?

    I have been playing with the idea of starting a local(Vermont and New Hampshire) club. For people who like to shoot and who have always wanted to do/learn tactical style shooting, would also be tied to YouTube and we would do reviews on gear, classes members have attended, local small business...
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    How Importen is a Logo to an Idea, or brand?

    Having a debate over logos, if you have an idea for something (Club, Youtube Channel, Militia etc..) Does a good logo add to that and help, or hurt? Or a logo doesn't mean anything? I have seen some bone head ideas marketed and the logo was what drew me to look at the item. A logo without a good...
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    Glock VS SIG? Winner is?

    I shot my Buddy's new Gen 4 Glock 23 today. That thing has a learning curve of a few hundred rounds. The trigger makes you pull low left(right hand.) I did own a Gen 4 23, but never really shot it(sold it for extra cash for my SIG P229.) That being said his had the large back strap on and it...
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    My new baby

    My new Sig P229 and benchmade knife. 800+ rounds through it without cleaning it and It has never had a problem feeding or returning to battery. Still have a box of 1000 rounds I'm going to put through it. Only problem I have had is with reloads. Have a TLR-1S on the rail now(300 lums.) With...
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    My new EDC.

    Just picked up a new SIG P229R and I love it, came with night sights. Put a TLR-1S on it(They where sold out of Surefire.) Carry it with a new custom made IWB/OWB Multicam/ Black Kydex holster. With the TLR-1S on the rail, left side I carry a spare 12 round mag and my G2X Pro 15-200lums handheld...
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    How well the media can twist the minds of sheep.

    So I got in a conversation yesterday with my mother in-law, who many of you know has been anti gun for many years. We talked about gun Control, she said there is no need for the fully auto kind of rifle used in the CT school shooting. I asked her what she meant, she said the black rifle. I...
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    The reason why I carry, Even when I go to WalMart..

    years ago is facing the same felony charge in connection with a stabbing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart Monday night. Eric Sanborn, 27, was arraigned in circuit court in Claremont yesterday afternoon and remains held without bail at the Sullivan County House of Corrections. Sanborn appeared...
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    Will the Feds step in and tell states no?

    With ten states pushing through laws allowing teachers and citizens to carry firearms in schools. Will the jack booted thugs in DC step in and say NO? I hear talk all the time about there being no need to carry firearms with you daily. Your only setting yourself up to be attacked, weapon taken...
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    Are people really this stupid??

    Do people really truly believe they will stop with the banning of AR style weapons? When handgun shootings spike, they will be next, then bolt action rifles. Yet the people we pay to protect our rights are saying and doing nothing. Where the Hell is the NRA?? I see Gun owners of America and...
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    Knife for everyday carry

    LOL, I see your Leatherman Wave and raise you a Leather Wave. I never leave home without my Leatherman Wave, I have carried it for years now. Sadly mine was stolen so I replaced it with the "tactical" black Leatherman about a year and half ago. Truth be told I only got the black because it was...
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    Any preppers/ area militia's in the state?

    Any other preppers in NH? How about militia's or tactical shooting clubs>?
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    How many primary mags do you carry on your vest/plate carrier?

    One thing I think people fail to take into a count is the amount of ammunition they carry with them. Most people who stock up on "tactical" gear for the end of the world/zombie land. Post videos/photos of their gear and talk about how they want to keep the weight down. etc.. So they only carry...
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    Obama backs U.N arms treaty?

    UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee's call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade. U.N. delegates and gun control activists...
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    How soon(if it happens) will the new AWB be put in place?

    With all the talk about losing gun rights and firearms all together I wanted to pick your brains. Do you see a new AWB taking place? How soon do you see it happening? If not in place before income tax time, do you think a firearm buying spree will happen? If you don't think it will happen at...
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    Best way to remove stuck screws??

    I picked up two new rifles for my 5 and 6 year old girls last month, one is a Rossi 22/20GA and the other is a Mossberg&Sons model 40 22LR/short/22 etc.. I decided to refinish the the stock and re-blue the barrel on the model 40. The rifle was made in 1932 and from the looks of it hasn't been...
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    Well this forum is dead.

    What happend to all my fellow Vermonters who use to be on the forum??
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    Whats New with my fellow Granite Staters?

    The multicam patch is the one we are using on the units BDUs and the color one is for t-shirts and window decals among other things.. Link RemovedLink Removed