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    Some questions about rubber bullets

    Not sure where to post so I went with General. I am thinking about rubber bullets so I'll share my story and ask the questions. A couple days ago I was involved in a incident that changed my "I'll never use this thing" thought process. I was outside smoking when my new/strange cops been there...
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    First OC tomorrow

    I can not get a CCW for at least a month since I need to establish residancy in WV before getting my CCW. So tomorrow I will be moving there and for the first time in my life I will be somewhere where I can carry in any form. I am from NY and was just stationed in DE, NY is a get a handgun if...
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    First OC in WV

    Born and raised in NY i grew up basically told that short of performing sexual favors on the Govenor I would never be able to buy a handgun. Joined the AF and got to live in DE with legal OC....but wait!!! not in the city i lived in. So now my tour is done in Dover and I heading for WV. I move...