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    Questions about letter from Sheriff that came with CHL

    My CHL came with a letter from the Sheriff. Two items on his list contradict information I've seen in several places. First it says: "Do not carry a concealed handgun onto airport terminal facilities designated for scheduled airline services or which maintain baggage screening and checking...
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    OC confronted by police - Were The Cops Right or Wrong? My apologies if this has been posted before. Just recently showed up on LiveLeak. I'm pretty sure the police are in the wrong here but readily admit I'm no expert on the nuances of the law. The responses on liveleak were disappointing in their...
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    Sig C3 or Sig RCS two tone

    Hey folks, Been lurking in the background and learning a lot from reading old posts. A great forum and some great contributors to discussions. I need help deciding between the Sig C3 and the Sig RCS two tone. This pistol will be for EDC. The dealer I am buying through only has a $100...