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    Paddle holsters

    Im looking to buy a paddle holster for my XD service model. Ive tried out several at local gun shops and I really like Desantis. Does anybody have any other suggestions? How about Desantis quality?
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    Wild cattin in WV

    Just built a new 6-284 and have been messing with the same old Hornady load that Ive been shooting one version or another of now for the past three years which is 48.3 gr. of reloader 22 or so(at your own risk of course) and a 105 gr. A-max pill. Anyone else out there into this wildcat? Im...
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    Buffalo Bore ammo

    Has anyone tried Buffalo Bore ammo? Ive been using hydra shocks in my carry gun, nothing wrong with them by the way, just wanted to see if I could sqeeze a little more horse power out of some + p .45. I reload for just about every thing, but my carry gun, dont want any legal issues if I...
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    Better safe than sorry ?

    Can anyone tell me what the law is in Virginia concerning concealed carry in a motor vehicle? From what Ive read its my understanding that I cannot carry a loaded weapon on my person, it can be loaded, but has to be in plain site. Is this correct?