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  1. Wild Dog

    My Granddaughter asked me to buy her a pistol,help .38 special or 380?

    A .380 or .38? It's quite obvious you don't much care for the safety of your granddaughter if your only options for arming her are 'kiss on the cheek' or 'slap on the face' calibers. If you truly loved her you would make sure she carried one of these: Link Removed or Link Removed
  2. Wild Dog

    Do guns give a false sense of security?

    You're funny, guy, so funny I forgot to laugh. I'll tell you what, since you like to hide behind your keyboard and be disrespectful, why don't you name a time a place so we can meet up and do the man dance, and I ain't talking about the macarena.
  3. Wild Dog

    Cease and desist...BS!!!

    I found the perfect disguise to continue my righteous crusade: Link Removed I'll arm myself and be unrecognizable to all modern forms of detection. Wild Dog still lives!!! And the war goes on.
  4. Wild Dog

    Carry pistols for recoil sensitive

    If you're too worried about recoil then I suggest you get one of these: Link Removed And don't hand me that broken wrist stuff. Part of being a man is sucking it up and doing what you got to do to survive the battle and annihilate the enemy, or at least go down shooting like a man.
  5. Wild Dog

    Teaching our children about gun safety.

    Link Removed This is probably one of the most heartwarming images I can think of.
  6. Wild Dog

    Cease and desist...BS!!!

    A few nights ago I was out patrolling a nearby neighborhood. It was the witching hour and I noticed a house with the front door ajar. Knowing it was game time, I racked a round into my shotgun and entered, ready to blow away any street scum I came across. As I explored the house I heard a...
  7. Wild Dog

    Booming firearms sales driven by 'tiny guns,' conceal-carry laws

    Brotha, denial just ain't a river in Egypt. I hate to be the one to burst your happy, feel good, safe bubble, but your wife ain't protecting nobody with that little BB gun. If you want to be ensured that she and the grand kids are safe, she needs one of these: Link Removed Link Removed Link...
  8. Wild Dog

    Matters of the heart...

    So, since you guys are my only real friends I was wondering if I could get some advice. This new female security officer started at the mall and I have a thing for her. Unfortunately, she shows no interest in me. She seems uninterested when I tell her stories of my gunfights, rolls her eyes...
  9. Wild Dog

    I'm on suspension, so mad!!!

    It happened yesterday at work. Since I've joined this site I've been employed by five different malls, I've been fired or quit from each for...particular reasons. My current employer, I thought, was going to be the perfect fit. Boy, was I wrong. It began as I saw a man running out of the...
  10. Wild Dog

    Strange Dreams...

    As gun owners and warriors we all get those dreams from time to time. Maybe your gun won't fire in the middle of a fight or you run out of bullets. But as of late, I keep having this strange reoccurring dream. In it, I take these white pills and find myself in my bedroom. Despite the fact...
  11. Wild Dog

    Why I do what I do

    Link Removed So tell me, tough guy, which one are you? The guy on the left, or the right? Link Removed
  12. Wild Dog

    Why I do what I do

    No matter how hard I try, however much I drink, the demons of my past claw their way out of the bowels of my own personal hell. As I sit here, nursing my beer, I see a face I had tried to banish from my memory, tried but failed. Ten years ago. I was young and dumb, but mostly too soft on the...
  13. Wild Dog

    Loaded gun in my desk

    That's the way to do it, brotha.
  14. Wild Dog

    I will be signing off for a little while...

    ...But don't worry, my brothers, I will return. My partner and I were investigating a Russian mob owned Sbarro's at the mall, we suspected them of selling weaponized ebola. Unfortunately, they murdered my partner and framed me for it. But don't fear for my safety, all I need is a gun and a...
  15. Wild Dog

    Will the UN take away our guns?

    You're **** right we don't need any facts, not when you have instincts.
  16. Wild Dog

    holster for backpacking

    You can never go wrong with... Link Removed
  17. Wild Dog

    Does EPA Need Guns, Ammo And Armor To Protect The Environment?

    Of course the EPA needs guns and tactical teams, look at what they could run into out there in the environment... Link Removed
  18. Wild Dog

    Sleeve Guns???

    I've felt the searing kiss of hot lead penetrate my body. I've faced death on more occasions than I can count, and dealt it out almost as often. I am a true warrior and I find your attempts to get under my skin laughable at best, and pitiful at worst.
  19. Wild Dog

    For people who doubt the .380 can do the job.

    If that were true, I'd need to be packing one of these... Link Removed