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  1. apvbguy

    Sleeve Guns???

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  2. apvbguy

    voted against campus carry

    FYI for those of you in and near sarasota this guy, Ray Pilon - Florida House of Representatives, voted with the anti gun liberal democrats to not pass out of committee a bill allowing concealed carry of weapons on college and university campuses
  3. apvbguy

    I turned in my badge today...

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  4. apvbguy

    Best set-up for home defense?

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    Correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong...

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    Correct me if I'm wrong...

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  8. apvbguy

    Carry Concealed in all 50 states

    enjoy your mystery meat sandwiches while you await your chance to "educate" some libturd judge
  9. apvbguy

    Uber Announces Total Gun Ban for Drivers and Passengers

    so let me get this straight. You want your views to prevail despite having zero knowledge or experience while you want to diminish my opinion which is backed by actual usage of the service? Link Removed
  10. apvbguy

    kate Smith God Bless America

    I suppose none of you are philadelphia flyers hockey fans Link Removed
  11. apvbguy

    Ok, want to know consequences

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    thinking of getting involved?

    many here advocate that since they have a concealed weapons license that they should be the defender of all from "evil" here is an example of how easily things can go wrong Link Removed
  13. apvbguy

    Vehicle Transport/Carry Question from PA to FL -- SC and MD?

    comment? I stand by my assertion that a cop on routine patrol CANNOT get CWFL info without getting into the DOAC database.
  14. apvbguy

    Does removing gun from holster constitute assault or aggrevated assault?

    let's have a drink of your favorite whiskey Link Removed
  15. apvbguy

    What If LEO Wants My Weapon During Traffic Stop?!

    what a sad post by someone who is willing to give up the rights afforded to him, the sad thing is that people like this are not unique, I have zero obligation to make an agent of the government "comfortable" in the performance of his duties, if that agent has difficulties dealing with the...
  16. apvbguy

    Why Competion and Bullseye Shooting Will KIll You

    says the keyboard commando. Link Removed
  17. apvbguy

    So Cops Are The Bad Guys, Huh?

    how simple minded and intellectually lazy this all too common response is
  18. apvbguy

    The Fiction Of Protection (confusing activity w/ accomplishment)

    nor will any of these Link Removed