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  1. Anthony_I_Am

    Possibly moving to NC, Lee County

    1) nope, must be a NC approved course 2) nope, your SC permit is valid in NC but to get a NC permit you'll have to take the course and get a certificate. Since SC doesn't have a non-resident permit your SC permit will likely be invalid once you're a NC resident and no longer a SC resident...
  2. Anthony_I_Am

    I'm moving... - A Right Unexercised is a Right Lost! ... While you have a PA permit, you can get a NH non-res permit simply thru the mail by sending a copy of your PA permit and some $ to NH. If you get a NC permit you gotta go thru all the classes and crap again. A NH non-res permit is valid...
  3. Anthony_I_Am


    From the AG's website: "If the weapon is concealed near, in close proximity to, or within the convenient control and access of an occupant, which would allow him/her to use the weapon quickly, then a fair probability exists that the occupant is in violation of the law. Therefore, care must be...
  4. Anthony_I_Am

    New H&K Monday

    Just got a new H&K USP in .40S&W. Nice ergonomics, like the huge safety lever, and unlike my 1911, it holds 12 rounds +1. Took it to the range and it is quite accurate 5 head shots and the other 21 in center mass @ 20 yds. Link Removed
  5. Anthony_I_Am

    LCP problems?

    I bought an LCP a couple months ago. Statrted out shooting FMJ at the range with no problems then a friend I shoot with brought some American Eagle JHP. The LCP jammed about every other round. I contributed it to bad or cheap ammo since I didn't know how long he'd had it and since have put...
  6. Anthony_I_Am


    Darn! I shoulda read this post sooner. If I hadn't bought that Sako .30-06 Friday I woulda sent that money to you. Link Removed
  7. Anthony_I_Am

    Always wear hearing protection?

    Link Removed
  8. Anthony_I_Am

    KFC almost robbed

    SAN DIEGO — A would-be robber wielding a chain at a San Diego Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant didn't count on one of the customers being an armed, off-duty, plainclothes police sergeant. Witnesses said the man barged in Saturday afternoon, smashed his heavy chain on the counter and ordered all...
  9. Anthony_I_Am

    NC man caps son intruder...

    Just goes to show...When you need the cops they are only 20 minutes away! Sanford, N.C. — A 71-year-old Sanford man shot and killed his son who was banging and kicking on his door and threatening to kill him late Friday, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Investigators said that...
  10. Anthony_I_Am

    Firing Squad...

    I was reading the article about the Utah execution this evening. The firing squad had 30 caliber rifles, one loaded with a blank. My question is wouldn't this be obvious to an experienced shooter? I fired both live rounds and blanks in the military and it was pretty obvious to me that the...
  11. Anthony_I_Am

    AR Mags

    I recently got a wad of 30 round AR-15 mags that a service member donated to the thrift shop before he moved. On the side they have "Restricted Military/Law Enforcement/Gov't use only" . Some are manufactured by Center Industries, Witchita KS and some by Kay Industries, New britain CT. Is...
  12. Anthony_I_Am

    Giving Your Firearm(s) A Name

    Sorry. Didn't realize this was a rated G forum. We shouldn't allow talk about guns or killing either. It's bad for kids. Now go give barney a big hug. Link Removed
  13. Anthony_I_Am

    WalMart Bank?

    I have been considering changing my bank to Woodforest because it is open odd hours instead of 9-5 m-f which better suits my schedule. Since the branch is in WalMart, where I usually conceal carry, what does this mean? Do I have to leave my piece in the car if I go shop at WM and plan to stop...
  14. Anthony_I_Am

    New Laser...

    Friday I was out and about and stopped by the local gun shop. Ended up leaving with a LaserLyte laser for my P345 for $170. So I get home, make me a nice cup of coffee, and sit down with the pocket knife to hack the damned thing out of those molded plastic clamshell packages that takes a...
  15. Anthony_I_Am

    Crazy Yankees...

    PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. — Police say they charged a Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen trying to resuscitate a long-dead opossum along a highway. State police Trooper Jamie Levier says several witnesses saw 55-year-old Donald Wolfe, of Brookville, near the animal Thursday along...
  16. Anthony_I_Am

    1858 remington

    OK. Looks like the pin that holds the cylinder in the frame? Thanks for all the replies. I learned a lot. I'm going to print them out so I can referto them later.
  17. Anthony_I_Am

    1858 remington

    I just got my new 1858 army. I'm a black powder virgin and I got a question for anyone who knows about them. The instruction manual says to 12-15 grains FFFG for the .454 ball round. The "Shooting Information" pamphlet included with the gun says to use 22-30 grains FFFG for the .454 ball...
  18. Anthony_I_Am

    Gun store funny

    I was visiting my local gun shop last week with my Sig 1911 on my hip. I had been sitting there about half an hour shooting the breeze with the locals when some fancy dressed younger guy comes in. He must've been a yankee or a lawyer. I got up and got me a cola when he says "Is there some...
  19. Anthony_I_Am

    Obama Allegedly Proposing United Nations Gun Ban??

    Yes Sir, July 21, 1988, Ft Benning, GA Link Removed
  20. Anthony_I_Am

    "Why don't you just leave THAT in the car!"

    Went to the movies with the family this weekend. I had to secure my piece in the lockbox in the car for the movie theatre (no carry place in NC). Then afterwards we went to a restaurant, where I took my piece out of the lockbox and put it in my carrylok holster. The wife says "Why don't you...