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  1. REB1969

    Where can I find magazines for a UZI Eagle Compact 40S&W with Polymer frame

    I purchased a UZI Eagle Compact 40S&W with Polymer frame about 10 years ago. It came with 3 magazines so I haven't needed to worry about them until now. I am down to 1 magazine and do not know where to find new ones. If there is anyone that can help, please let me know. Here are pictures of the...
  2. REB1969

    Colorado Sheriff well stated video on gun control laws

    Long video but worth watching.
  3. REB1969

    Perfect example of someone that should not be allowed to have a weapon!

    The link below has a video of someone who should never be allowed to own a weapon. It is a shame there are people like this, it makes it harder for the smart gun owner. Link Removed
  4. REB1969

    What is the most friendly State for Conceled Carry

    1. What state is the most conceled carry friendly? Why? 2. (Excluding Illinois) What state is the most conceled carry unfriendly? Why?
  5. REB1969

    Uzi-Eagle .40 Cal information

    I am looking at purchasing a Uzi-Eagle .40 Cal. I have not fired one and do not know a lot about this weapon. It appears to be a compact enough weapon to conceal easily and should have enough stopping power. The problem is I have not been able to find any other information about the weapon. I am...