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  1. Steve02C5

    .44 Ruger Blackhawk blows off frame

    Several guys start staying, "sh*t, one after the other after witnessing this. YouTube - Stainless 44 magnum barrel failure No one hurt.
  2. Steve02C5

    Liar! Special forces ranger

    WAS CLARK A “TRACKER?” - article For those who didn't see this link in one of my previous posts; this is interesting and implies the imposter is part of a conspiracy from the "dark" side. Not saying it's true; just that it's very interesting reading. Full article: Link Removed (excerpt) WAS...
  3. Steve02C5

    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    Thanks Lukem, It still looks a bit uncomfortable for me. The guy in the article is wearing a tee shirt which is fine, but I wear dress shirts and slacks which might be uncomfortable when I sit down. Guess I'll stick with my P3AT and pocket holster. Here's an article on your holster: Cross Breed...
  4. Steve02C5

    Carry-Weapon and Location?

    After reading the large-size pistols you guys carry, I'm wondering where/how do you comfortably conceal a .45Kimber etc. I carry a P3AT in my pants-pocket because I don't like walking around with a sport coat or my shirt tail hanging out. I've bought every type gimmick holster you can think of...
  5. Steve02C5

    Liar! Special forces ranger

    This link is extremely interesting, a must read: Link Removed
  6. Steve02C5

    Article about MagSafe exploding in a P3AT

    With pics. Kudos for Kel-Tec, Potential DANGER for MagSafe customers - Gun Destroyed! [BIG PICTURE WARNING] - AR15.COM
  7. Steve02C5

    Smith & Wesson® Begins Shipping BODYGUARD® Line

    Nice looking C.C. pistols: and another
  8. Steve02C5

    Smith and wesson bodyguard

    For those who haven't seen one, here it is, w/ laser sight. Link Removed