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  1. tactical85

    Mast General Stores

    Mast General is an old timey store that are mainly in NC and surrounding areas, I've been shopping there a long time but recently noticed a gun buster sign on 2 of the stores front door that I live close to. I emailed them about it last week but have gotten no response yet and probably won't. I...
  2. tactical85

    vehicle carry

    I'm from NC and will be going to Lexington in a couple days, I am wondering what kind of vehicle law Kentucky has for ccw? I saw you can't use the center console which makes no sense at all but the glove box is fine. Is it ok to carry concealed on myself while driving or does it have to go in...
  3. tactical85

    carrying expandible baton where pistols arent allowed.

    I am trying to find out the legality of carrying an expandable baton in NC, I carry a pistol daily but of course there are some places that won't allow that like parks and so on but I would like to carry something at least; so my question here is can I carry an ASP baton in places that normally...
  4. tactical85

    Sportsmans Warehouse Policy

    I was driving through Columbia , SC today and stopped at the Sportsman's Warehouse, while walking in I noticed a sign on the door said something to the effect to empty firearms, open actions and turn into customer service desk while in the store. The sign didn't mention concealed carry, which I...