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    Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info

    Can you please elaborate on those acronyms? Thanks.
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    Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info

    NavyLT, I just got a new Hard Drive and wipped my computer. I am unable to open the link Link Removed Does it use Adobe? I need to download it anyways. So from what I gather from the laws while transporting are as follows. Can't be loaded, but the mag can. As long as the mag is not in the...
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    What is the Cost in Your County?

    I'm in California, so it's damn near impossible. I've never tried because I would never be approved and it would be a waste of money. Rememer, CA is not part of the USA, it's the Republic Of CA (Conservatives or Constitutionalist need not apply). Look at how obsurd it is to even attempt Link...
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    Washington State Gun Laws, can't find the info

    I am moving to Washington in a few months and am having trouble finding information pertaining to gun and ammo laws. I currently reside in California and have no problem finding stuff here. Everywere I look I can only come up with conceal carry and how to apply. I am pretty much an expert on...
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    New To The Site, Had A Few Questions, Open To All Suggestions, 1st Post

    A bit of background. I am 26, divorced and a Father of a beautiful little girl. I have been shooting multiple firearms since I was approx 18. I purchased my first firearm at 21, a 1911A1 Springfield .45. My 2nd firearm was a S&W 686+ .357 6' full lug, purchased by my ex wife as a wedding gift. I...